Kids’ Health Links Foundation Partners with Everyday Heroes Kids

Everyday Heroes Kids
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Press Release: 02 December 2021

Kids’ Health Links Foundation Partners with Everyday Heroes Kids

Kids’ Health Links Foundation Partners with Everyday Heroes Kids to Improve Access to Pediatric Resources

Kids Health Links Foundation, nationally recognized for programs supporting youth and adolescents facing life challenges and the professionals who care for them, is joining with Everyday Heroes Kids. This pediatric platform connects families and professionals to increase access to care. The partnership will expand the breadth and depth of our programs and provide access to resources and support for parents, caregivers, and health care professionals to enable adolescents in their care to better face life challenges and access timely interventions and support.

KIDS’ HEALTH LINKS FOUNDATION (KHLF), a registered charity incorporated in 2004, is recognized nationally for Upopolis, Upedia, and Umind. KHLF Programs empower youth and teens living with chronic conditions, grief, mental health, and other life challenges and their health professionals by connecting them through a community of support and practice.

Everyday Heroes Kids (EHK) launched in 2020 from the Biomedical Zone accelerator at St. Michael’s Hospital & Ryerson University to help families access comprehensive profiles of pediatric professionals and organizations. In one simple search, families are shown all the information they are looking for and the services they didn’t know existed; encouraging early intervention while saving time, money, stress. EHK has been supported by the Government of Canada and now has over 600 providers and organizations in their community.

Basile Papaevangelou, Chairman and Founder of Kids Health Links Foundation says, “We are excited about our partnership with Everyday Heroes Kids that will allow KHLF to expand our programs across EHK’s professional roster of members, with access to our programs and resources and increasing our referrer network. Together, KHLF and EHK provide expanded, safe, and trusted community for families and professionals to collaborate and connect.

Tammany Petrie, Founder of Everyday Heroes Kids says, “We are grateful and honored for the opportunity to partner with the Kids’ Health Links Foundation. Their HIPAA compliant technology and extensive library of educational resources has had a profound impact on the pediatric community. Our common mission to create a “Circle of Care” around the child will help support healthier, happier kids across North America.”

KHLF and EHK invite all accredited pediatric professionals to create a no cost profile on the EHK platform, serving as a digital page dedicated to your background, career and approach to care. Every EHK profile has a unique URL that can be used to share your work with parents and colleagues so they can ‘meet you online’.

EHK helps discharging/referring professionals to support their patients by giving them one simple destination to find services. Busy professionals can connect with new clients/patient in the easiest, most economical way possible.

Dr. Niraj Mistry, a Pediatrician and advisor to EHK says that “EHK has set out on the monumental task of aggregating all of the available pediatric professional’s that caregivers may need for healthier children…locally and globally. EHK aims to be the one stop shop for anything pediatric health.”

By joining EHK with a professional profile you will have access to information, resources, and the latest developments in the pediatric community across organizations and non-profits.

KHLF and EHK are excited to partner to revolutionize the way health care professionals and families access pediatric care. Our combined technologies make accessing all available resources more efficient and transparent. Join our movement and be part of our community so that we can be stronger together.

If you are a parent/caregiver, please sign up for mailing list. If you are an accredited professional, you can create a profile on Everyday Heroes Kids by clicking on “Join/Login” in the menu bar, creating an account, and submitting a profile for review. for adolescents is accessible on a referral basis and is a private, secure, and moderated space connecting adolescents with chronic illness and similar life challenges. Upopolis users have access to vetted medical content to understand their diagnoses, treatments, and procedures, reduce isolation and stress, educate them in their challenges, and help them cope and live well.

KHLF Pediatric Communities of Practice; Since 2010, we have connected and supported child life leaders, pediatric healthcare professionals, and child and youth mental health professionals through two additional programs. is an online psychosocial resource developed for child life specialists, pediatric healthcare professionals, senior leaders, educators, and student learners. It has over 2400 members across Canada and globally from over 500 clinical and academic centers and diverse communities. . Our over 2600 registered members includes frontline and administrative child and youth mental health staff, senior leadership, educators, post-secondary students, and other professionals who work with children and families and represent over 800 organizations within Canada and internationally.

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