The Brave Girl, A Children’s Book in Support of SickKids Hospital

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3 min readOct 4, 2021


Children’s book author, Amanda Minuk shares the inspiration behind her latest book, The Brave Girl, with the Everyday Heroes Kids community.

Izzy, the original Brave Girl….

Once upon a pre-Covid night, I got the idea for my first children’s book series. A year later I had a little fan in one of my friend’s daughters, Izzy.

Over this past summer, the family shared that Izzy was going through some difficult health challenges. It unfortunately turns out that Izzy needs a life-saving liver transplant and the family wasn’t a match. They courageously shared their search for a donor on social media.

When I heard the news of Izzy’s challenges early in the summer, I felt so much for them. Having a daughter close in age and just imagining what they were going through made me want to help. I knew that she liked my books, so I thought I could write her a short story about herself, a brave girl.

The Brave Girl is a story of what it means to be brave, told from a kid’s perspective. The main character, Izzy, describes different ways of being brave and teaches the reader how to say “I am brave” in different languages.

The Brave Girl is a reminder that bravery is a mindset and that even the littlest ones in our lives can inspire us to show courage and bravery. The Brave Girl can start a conversation with little ones about what it means to be brave and allows kids to share their hopes and fears.

The family supported me in publishing The Brave Girl with my self-publishing company Doodle Paw Press. My goal is to sell as many books as possible because for every book sold, I’ll be donating to Sick Kids hospital in honor of the brave girl. To see an inside look at the book check it out here.

If you’re interested in supporting- please buy it on Amazon here .

One of the messages they want to share is to register with Please share widely and help support Team Izzy!

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About me:

Amanda Minuk is a business professional turned children’s book author. Amanda specializes in books for kids 3–6 introducing little ones to bravery, success, self esteem and other fun topics including food, space, botany, chess, and more. Amanda’s books are special because they also introduce little ones to new languages.

With two little kids at home Amanda has read hundreds of children’s books and was inspired to create more fun, easy to read aloud books that kids love.

Author Amanda Minuk reading The Brave Girl Book