VR Technology offers Behavior Therapy for Neurodiverse Individuals

Learn more about Floreo at www.ehkidshealth.com
Image of a boy using Floreo’s VR technology
A teen with his Floreo coach using the VR headset
  • The Coach pairs the mobile VR headset through the Floreo app.
  • Once the devices are paired, the Coach places the iPhone in the VR headset and helps the Learner to put on the headset.
  • The Coach directs the entire experience — selecting a lesson, starting a lesson, providing guidance and praise language throughout the lesson. The Learner experiences the immersive lessons through the iPhone and headset.
  • The Learner’s view is streamed in real time to the Coach’s iPad. The green bars on the real time view represent the Learner’s field of view. We provide suggested Coaching language and tools to help the Coach move the lesson along on the iPad throughout the experience.




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